Lucid Dream Maker Mind Course


Dream Maker Mind Course

Your 3 week course (that you can use time and time again) comes with a download link.

1 download per user, to prevent misuse, the download is available for 7 days and then expires.


Free Your Mind…

Your 3 week course where your whole mind is reprogrammed to expect dreams, create dreams and lucid dream along with a course workbook to be used. Ideal for those who may be sceptical, doubtful or unsure of their abilities; this trains you, so it RAPIDLY ACCELERATES your lucid dreaming ability.

It is a 2 part course. If focuses, in part 1, on your regular dreams and then in part 2, if focuses on your lucid dreams. Bringing a whole new awareness of your dream and lucid dreaming experience.

This is a part of the Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience, or it can be used on it’s own (as per this page). In the “Mastery Experience” it is the key to unlocking your potential, eliminating negativity and makes the course easier to work through.

This course, once done, can be used time and time again. There is no limit. If you feel you need a top up to boost your dreaming and lucid dreaming abilities, just re listen to the tracks again. If you need a spare copy of the workbook, just contact our support team.

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