Lucid Dream Maker Mastery Experience

Lucid Dream Maker Mastery Experience


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The Mastery of Lucid Dreaming Experience

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This course is shipped physically with hard copy printed workbooks, course guides, MP3 recordings on CDs, certificate, quick start guide and your Mastery Machine.

In stock (can be backordered)


The Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience is the ultimate combination of top rated Lucid Dreaming products blended in to provide a whole system approach to Lucid Dreaming.  It combines the Lucid Dream Mastery Machine, the Lucid Dream Mind Course and the Mastery of Lucid Dream Study Course.   The machine uses light and sound to bring about deeply relaxed states, visualisation clues and sessions designed to help you wake up in the middle of a lucid dream.  The Mind Course is a 3 week mini course specifically designed to work on your mind, to bring about a positive mindset that will accelerate your dreaming experience.  The Mastery Study Course is upto a 4 month home study course, blending in ancient relaxation techniques with modern research into focus and visualisation.

For dreamers, visualisers, meditaters, creative visionaries then this is for you.  It is packed with deep, detailed and decisive material.  It will take nearly 5 months to complete – to get to Mastery.  It will take you on a journey of self discovery, through to exercises that will challenge you, mind and visual inputs that will stimulate & relax you and so much more.   It’s time to start you own journey – what will yours look like?

This product is physical only, it requires dispatch as the ‘machine’ is physical. The other elements can be digitally delivered if you require fast access. Please contact us after your purchase and we will get the digital copies to you and the machine will follow. If you want to wait for the machine, you will receive the machine and all of the files will be pre-loaded onto the machine for you to download to access.

The course comes in a printed binder, with all worksheets printed, courses printed and all kept in one tidy folder for you to work through – includes a certificate for you to complete once the course is done!

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