Dream Your Life As You Live Your Dreams

Mastery of Lucid Dreaming Experience

Benefit from remembering, using and mastering your lucid dreams.

From practicing skills you want to master through to flying through the air. From finding creative ideas to help you flourish to finding answers to puzzles and problem solving.

This is the most comprehensive course, grounded with years of research and studies combined with modern cutting edge technology, powerful techniques and exercises.

Oh, a little extra. This – and only this – comes with a rather nice discount code available at a link in the checkout area – it’s very generous.

  • The Mastery of Lucid Dreaming Experience combines ALL THREE items, the Mastery Course, the Mind Course and the Mind Machine.
  • It gives you the ultimate experience where multiple senses are engaged in the process of learning, relaxing, studying, quizzing and drifting off into worlds – that you can only reach in your mind.
  • All 3 elements are woven into each-other with the Mind Machine being used in the Mastery Course and the Mind Course working with the Mind Machine to accelerate and raise your level of Lucid Dreaming.
  • Read about the individual elements below, or click the button under to go straight to the Order/More Information section!
  • If you are unsure, click the Home page and sign up to get the free Unit 1 of the main Mastery Course! Then you can test it out.
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Dream Maker “Machine”

Dream Maker Machine comes with the Dream Maker Mind Course built in – pre-loaded.

This device has the trigger points built in to ‘wake you up’ to awareness whilst dreaming, giving you the start you need.  It also has A HUGE number of other programs in for relaxation, sleep, focus, attention, learning and so much more. 

It’s an experience you have not yet encountered.  Once used, never forgotten.

This can be used on it’s own as it has dream sessions built in as well as visualisation and focus sessions (which come in the Mastery Course), along with a starter guide; however, to get the full benefit, it is advised it be purchased with the The “Mastery” Course.

Unit 1 of the major Lucid Dreaming Mastery Course comes as a FREE bonus gift with this purchase.

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Dream Maker “Mind” Course

Free Your Mind…

Your 3 week course where your whole mind is reprogrammed to expect dreams, create dreams and lucid dream along with a course workbook to be used.  Ideal for those who may be sceptical, doubtful or unsure of their abilities; this trains you, so it RAPIDLY ACCELERATES your lucid dreaming ability.

This is a part of the Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience, or it can be used on it’s own.  In the “Mastery Experience” it is the key to unlocking your potential, eliminating negativity and makes the course easier to work through. In addition, it can be loaded into the Dream Maker Machine (so you get a full light stimulation display whilst listening), so if you want to purchase the Dream Maker Machine, it will be loaded on for you.

Unit 1 of the major Lucid Dreaming Mastery Course comes as a FREE bonus gift with this purchase.

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The “Mastery” Course

This is the full, comprehensive and powerful 4 month “Lucid Dreaming Mastery” course.

It comes with a stunning 120+ page course workbook, which has all of the exercises, techniques, charts and teaching.  It comes in 5 main sections, each section has a detailed quiz at the end to reinforce your understanding and revisit parts to reinforce your understanding.

It is for those who want to make a serious investment into their Lucid Dreaming lifestyle.  It does not include the Dream Maker Machine nor the Dream Maker Mind course. 

If you want the full experience – Dream Maker Machine, Dream Maker Mind Course, Lucid Dreaming Mastery Course – you need the Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience.

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