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Mastery of Lucid Dreaming Course

This is the full, comprehensive and powerful 4 month “Lucid Dreaming Mastery” course.

It comes with a stunning 120+ page course workbook, which has all of the exercises, techniques, charts and teaching.  It comes in 5 main sections, each section has a detailed quiz at the end to reinforce your understanding and revisit parts to reinforce your understanding.

It is for those who want to make a serious investment into their Lucid Dreaming lifestyle.  It does not include the Dream Maker Machine nor the Dream Maker Mind course. 

If you want the full experience – Dream Maker Machine, Dream Maker Mind Course, Lucid Dreaming Mastery Course – you need the Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience.

  • FOUR MONTH intense Lucid Dreaming MASTERY course with learning, exercises, quizzes and social interactivity.
  • Can be used on its own or you can get the Lucid Dreaming Mind Course and Lucid Dreaming Master Machine and get the full ‘EXPERIENCE’ – engaging the brain, visualisation, auditory and other senses.
  • Develop skills that can be used in other situations. Visualisation, focus, concentration and total awareness with control of your environment.
  • Use the Dream Machine to practice waking up in your dreams by use of the light display programmed to come on when you are in a deep REM state – the Experience course is required for this.
  • Based on many years of research, this course goes in-depth and takes you on a journey of exploration and deeper lucid dreaming experiences.
  • The ultimate ‘learn’ at home course, with support available to help you get over any issues of being stuck, resistance to move on or anything else getting in the way of progress.
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