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Lucid Dreaming has been used by experts, professionals and lots of ‘go-getters‘ for many years to help them solve problems, practice skills, find creative solutions, visualise outcomes and so much more.

It is One Of The Most Powerful Techniques you can develop to get ahead, tapping into that ‘inactive’ time whilst sleeping to help you with issues you don’t have time for in your waking hours.

When I ask friends in my Facebook group, what do they think Lucid Dreaming is, the typical reply is

“it’s a dream where people can fly around and explore places or have weird dreams based on things in life.”

NO it is far far more than that and it can have a huge impact on your life!

What is often missed, and you will discover, is THIS course, trains you to do so much more.

It will equip you with so many more skills than just “dreaming and floating” as some people think. You will learn skills and practices of meditation, focus, dealing with intentions, develop confidence, have concentration with power, and you will develop insights into problems and enhance problem solving skills. These new powers will help you in all areas of your life, not just in Lucid Dreaming.


Who else has got insights from Lucid Dreaming & dreams?

Mary Shelley wrote her literary novel Frankenstein after experiencing a nightmare, Elias Howe imagined a needle pushing through cloth in a dream and subsequently invented the sewing machine. Astoundingly.

James Watson saw the double helix image of the DNA chain in a dream, imagined as a spiral staircase, and he went on to be the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. The impact of his discovery on the world of science from his simple dream has been truly phenomenal.

Why should I start Lucid Dreaming?

Well you have been looking at Lucid Dreaming, you want to find out more about it, study it, see how it can help? You may be researching it for academic reasons, you may be finding yourself wanting to tap into your sleeping state to help resolve matters affecting you in the day. Well, if that is the case, why delay?

You can get this powerful course, which is over 25 years old and updated for complete relevance. It is free AND yours NOW. It can open up opportunities for you that you never realised existed, through having new skills, insights and powers.


Q. Why is creative lucid dreaming is so highly effective?

A. It is because as you are sleeping your mind isn’t filtering thoughts, processing things through your daily belief systems (the I am not good enough, the I cannot find an answer, the I..etc): so your subconscious mind can bring forward ideas that you are holding back.  It helps you reveal the hidden genius within you.

How can I get support?

Well, when you get this free course you can join our Facebook support group. You can also access our ticketing support system and we also have a series of blogs, articles, help files and supporting material, along with our YouTube channel with tips and insights.

You should not find yourself struggling with getting to grips with the creative lucid dreaming, but find yourself mastering it and getting results. You will having visions that meet with your intentions, solve problems, create visual content; in addition you will find yourself developing a laser focus to situations, practising skills and gaining confidence.

Where can I practice these skills and where can they take me?

Essentially you can practice these skills in your own home, in your own time and with your own privacy. The techniques around Lucid Dreaming like focus, concentration and problem solving, you can take into your place of work, a place where you meet with others or socialise. When people see your new skills,

they will be amazed at just how much YOU CAN NOW achieve!

What you’ll get?

  • You get a £100 course for free!
  • You will learn how to Lucid Dream
  • Expertly created course to help beginners get started
  • A full range of support
  • Access to other training courses combining lucid dreaming with other techniques
  • A new range of skills
  • Improved mental focus for problem solving
  • The ability to come up with creative solutions and break through blockages
  • And much more…

FREE PROMO during May 2021

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