Decision Time

  1. The main item is the Mastery Experience course.  This combines all 3 of the other items (below)and weaves them together into something that will stimulate and accelerate your Lucid Dreaming journey.  It stimulates your senses, your eyes, ears, internal vision, memory learning and more; you get fully immersed.  At the moment there is a 30% discount voucher on the Experience page that you can use to get a large discount on the full package.
  2. The Mind Mastery Course is a 3 week stand alone course.  You can use it time and time again.  If you want to get started on this, almost like ‘dipping your toes in the water’ to test it out.  You can test out how your mind can be programmed to help you Lucid Dream.  If you feel that you want to do more, then you can order the full Mastery Experience – contact us – and we will get another £40-45 off (depending upon which item your purchased).
  3. The Mastery Machine is a stand alone light and sound machine.  Using a combination of coloured flashing lights and stimulating sound, it can take your brain on any journey possible.  It can relax you, refresh you, alert you, prepare the brain for learning, meditation, help get to sleep and so much more.  It has now been encoded with special programs to use with the Mastery Course (point 4).  It can also be used as a stand alone machine as it has some dream programs built into it and some special guided meditations, focus and concentration tracks (that come with the Mastery Course (point 4)) are included in this specially adapted Dream Maker Machine.  So get it alone, get it with the Mind Mastery or it comes with the Mastery Experience. With the current discount on the Experience it may be worth comparing the 2, the Experience is not much more in relative terms.
  4. The Mastery Course.  This is a 4 month course split over 5 units.  It combines ancient techniques, exercises based on modern research, quiz section feedback and so much more.  It comes with audio tracks to help guide you in some of the exercises.  It links in the Mastery Machine (although you can use the exercises without it.  It is a totally in-depth, thorough and most engaging, fun and interesting way to learn about Lucid Dreaming.  If you have the Mind Mastery Course (point 2), this helps accelerate your learning as it helps reprogramme your mind with positive messages and eliminating negative ones.  With the current discount on the Experience it may be worth comparing the 2, the Experience is not much more in relative terms.

Other notes:

  1. If you get the Mind Mastery Course or Mastery Machine we will include Unit 1 of the Mastery Course for free; a little extra bonus worth nearly £100 as a thank-you.
  2. Support is available using the ticket system at the footer of this page.
  3. If you are from an organisation and wish to purchase more than 1 Mastery Experience, contact us to speak to a team member.